Under The Big Sky

Saturday, August 29, 2009


i didn't think its been 2 years since I've posted anything..... well a lot has gone on. i been in the house now 2 years Nov, I've found a wonderful guy, and the biggest just happened this month, and i changed jobs. i started working at a salon called diggs here in great falls. its nice and im happy which i havent been for awhile now. the kids are now in 6th grade and 1st. they are gorwing up so much too fast. ooo and we have pets lol the kids love it some days and not so much others. i have found a new love of the garden. this was the 2nd summer with a ton of flowers. i love it!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

guess what!!!

i have new pics up of the house and the kidos. just to let every one know i still here just working very hard on the house and at work. the house is coming along well. NHS will be having an open house at the end of the build . so anyone who wants to see the homes that will be open are more and welcome. when i get more info and a for sure date i will post it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Good news!

I have a foundation!!!!!!
well I have had one for a few weeks. It was just inspected and now we can do the green wood, bci's and rim joust, then decking. After all the exterior walls. Just a matter of time. Home sweet home. There are some new pictures too on flicker.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


It seems to be "something" to adopt babies from other countries. You aren't some one unless you have a foreign baby. What happen to people adopt children form here? There are so many children that need homes. This is my view...... If you live in the u.s. you can help your self, but if you need help than too fucking bad. But there are some many people that need help, we look the other way and through money at some third world country that has homeless and starving kids just like us. Why do we look the other way. When it comes to helping help here we fall short. Saying o they can figure it out. Or some one will adopt them. Why don't we start saving the world right here instead of going over seas.

Monday, September 04, 2006

A lot has been going on. 1: I decided to stay in my apartment. It would cost too much at this point to move and sign a year lease would not do me any good. 2: great grandma is going to help with the kids. Thank god. oooo I sign for my land. Mark this down Aug 30 2006 - I am a land owner. Things are moving fast now at the work site . Which I am glad for. Today being labor day, most people take the day off going boating or camping you name it. Well for me I was doing manual labor, LOL . I was doing rim joust, caulking, and bci's beams. It was great. Most people think it so hard. Well it is but I have learned so much that I like being out there learning and completing so much. The thing I like the most is starting something and finishing it, see it from beginning to end, knowing that I have done something. It a big thing to me. I look at my hand and see all the blisters, and just think there will be something wonderful in the end. Something for my kids. Oo big but not so big news we have been adopted by a kitten. We have named her Pretty. She is black and doesn't mind my daughter, LOL so when we move in to the new house she will be coming with us. I will post pic of the work site and the kitty here in the next few days. sorry for the spelling.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Just one of those days

Have you ever had just one of those days? I did. It started off with me finding out my rent will be going up to much more than I can really afford, then found out that my daycare will be twice as much as of next month. So whets next?? My rent now will be more than what I will pay for my house. So I am going to start looking for a more afforable place to live for the next 9 month till my house is done. So that leaves my with very few places that wouldn't make me sign a years lease. Now comes the hard part of finding a place that is not too bad and has a good school near it. Packing and move at the same time, working and getting my required hours in for my house. Sounds like a lots of stress. I thinking I'm going to hit my no more stress limit soon.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New computer

As all have you might have noticed I haven't posted in a very long time. My computer died at the end of June. I thought I could last with out it. I figured that with working on the house and working at my job that I wouldn't have any time. I was wrong. The soon to be new neighbors are not so nice. Since we have started we have had many complaint's about noise. Turns out that their in city limits and we're not. City says that you have to be quite at 8 pm. County says we can do what ever we want, since were not in city limits yet. So not to hurt any ones feelings we have to stop work at 8pm, which in turn makes it really hard for us to get work done. Just when we get started we have to stop and start cleaning up. So work has been slow to start. But on a good note I'll own land as of the 29 of this month.