Under The Big Sky

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


New body work

I did it! After lots and lots of thought finely decided to get a new tattoo. It took forever to find what I wanted on my body the rest of my life. I wanted something that means something to me. So I call my tattoo guy. This man has done all but one of my tattoos. I have followed him to 4 different shops. That's how good he is. I talked to him on Saturday wanting an appointment. No luck so I had to wait tell Monday at 6:30. That was to worst. I'm so impatient it's not funny. LOL.
Monday comes ....... I have so much shit to do. 7am get kido 1 off to school. 7:30 go drop off papers. 7:45 go get mother, she car shopping, fun. About 9:30 time to eat with kido 2 and mom. 11am go and get car fixed. I bent the rim take kido 1 to school. Don't ask. Finely get all that done. Go home do laundry. 1:30 go get my new xm and car alarm, yeah! 2pm go down and talk with tattoo guy about price. I have to have enough cash on hand to pay and give a good tip. 2:45 pick kido 1 up at school. Then off to get food for dinner. 5:45 drop both kidos off at grandma's house. And 6pm we went down to the shop and got everything ready. 7:20 we get started. The pain wasn't to bad at first. That was just the out line. 9 the out line was done same with all the little parts that the big needle wouldn't fit in. Smoke time little after the filling in started. He began at the bottom and moved his way up. Pain wasn't too bad till he moved up the back. Till I had hold my breath and close my eyes and squeeze a hand. Shit I thought I was a tough coca puff. Not last night. At 10:15 all done....... But I have to go back and get a tough up when I'm all heeled. They look so beautiful. To grandma's amazement he word's were "god keri, their so big! Did you want them that way?" hell yes. So here are the pic's #1 was from last night. You can see some of the blood still. The left top one did all that. And the #2 if from tonight. What they mean is . ........ ......
honesty love
faith tears
patience beauty

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy happy joy joy!!! Spring will be around the Conner. I'm can't wait to get on the trail with the bike. I tried to do the hole bike at the gym, yeah I get board real fast. I'm just waiting till the days get a little longer, and I'll be out there!