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Sunday, August 07, 2005

3 hour drive

Saturday was a GREAT GREAT day at the salon. Very busy, which I love. On my way out the door I was remembering that the gal I room with all the time on my meeting should be on her way to Sturgis, hopefully via great falls. So I called her, she was in Butte. I was shocked to hear that she wasn't any where near Great Falls. I was so bummed. So when I was telling the family that she was headed to Billings for the night. Well as it turns out my sis didn't want to go home to her house for reasons I wont put people through. LOL . So said she would love to stay at my house over night as long as I cut her hair and pick up dinner. That's not bad, so I did after I picked a few things at the house to take to billings. Few things I mean a hair brush, blanket, pillow, and something warm to sleep in. With all that done I finely hit the road about 6:30 last evening. I was pushing the time. I had talked to her at 5:00 pm, and told her that I would be the in, LOL, 2 1/2 hours,LOL yeah I know it's a longer drive I was just so happy to get out of town and see her and have FUN! Which I needed after the long week I had. I picked the music of choice. Limp bizkit.
Finely getting to billings about 10:00 I called to fined out how to get to the koa camp ground.
pulling in the the camp ground I was amazed to see all the wonderful bike I was in heaven. I had to call her again to fine out where they were at in the camp, god it was so big and so many people there I would have been lost in all the bikes. Finely finding her. I meet all the wonderful people she was traveling with. Wow talk about great people. After a few mins chatting, I told her to get ready we're going out!!! Well we ended up with 3 more people going with us. After finding the bar of choice to handle us we ran in to " the last night out " party for a dude from Wyoming. And I thought Montana's had an thing for sheep. They had a blowup one.lol, and spoons to spank the happy groom. Which we didn't pass up. After many shoots and drinks later we closed the bar. And some how managed to take to blow up chick with us. LOL as all you can't just go to sleep. So some of us stayed up. We all chatted, I braided Tony's hair, and of course drank some more. But I didn't forget the water, lots and lots of water. God know what times it was when I finely to bed. I pulled the blanket and pillow out of the car. I slept out under the big sky. No tent need there. I was great. With few hours of sleep I woke to the sound of bikes heading off to Sturgis. What a great sound. I know it was time for me to get back to Great Falls. After many good byes and hugs, I was sad to go. I so wanted to go with everyone. I wanted to say thanks to the great people I meet and to Shawn, Tony, Dakota, and Allen for a great night out. Next year I will be going to Sturgis too.


  • At 5:32 PM, Blogger david said…

    Quite an interesting trip, Keri! Glad you got some "souvenirs" from Sturgis, too! ;-)


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