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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The phone rang

The cell phone rang last night a 8:12 pm. I didn't answer it thinking it a could wait. As I looked at who called it was my dad. I don't hear from him that much, but I knew that he went bear hunting. I called him back to see if he had finely got his bear. No such luck. First sentence out of his mouth was"keri I rolled the blazer.". I was in shock. I then asked if he was ok and if the blazer could still be driven. He said no such luck. So dad went off the road near hughesville up in the mountains. He was saying that the snow storm was so bad that he went 2 feet in 45 min. Got to close to the side of the mountain and started to slide, then rolled once. When he rolled both front windows were broken out, windshield cracked, 20 some gallons of gas leaked out. Lost his gun. He ended up staying the night there in his blazer, with no blanket. At this point of his phone call I just wanted to cry. Thinking about all that he went through. He cut the seat cover off the seat to stay warm. The next morning he walked up the mountain side and walked about a 1/2 mile to a campsite. They were nice enough to take him to his camper 3 miles away. Monday he had a wrecker come to get his blazer out. It took two wreckers and a lot of work not to hurt anything more, and 800.00 dollars later. I'm just glad that he's ok. Just bumps and bruises. I put some pics of his blazer up on flicker.


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